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Personal Shareable Voice Messages

*Coming March 2022

Our ​new​ Beep Phone​ is a fun, vintage rotary phone with a computer inside that runs on batteries. Guests can​ pick up the phone and​ leave a personalized voice message​s​ which are saved as ​their​ own voicemail!

Guest voicemails are saved in a video (mp4) format so you can share to your favorite social media accounts. After your event is over, you'll get ALL the voice messages (even the ones guests might prefer you didn't!), and you can even customize the videos with a photo as the background! There's also a waveform animation that's a depiction of the audio signal.

Use Cases

Private Events: A better alternative to a written guestbook. With voice messages, the ambient background noise of the party gets captured with each message which helps to bring the memories of the event back in greater clarity. Receive better, more personal messages than video testimonials because many people are camera shy when put on the spot. As more liquor flows throughout the night, the voice messages get funnier and funnier.

Corporate Events: Have the Beep Phone set up at an activation and prompt event guests talk about the brand or the product - the best answers win prizes. Ex. Tell us about the best thing you like about product X? OR Give us a suggestion on how to best improve product Y?

1) SIMPLICITY: Our staff will put the phone down on a table with a small sign with basic instructions and walk away - that's it, ready to go!

2) BEEEP: Guests pick up the phone and listen to a pre-recorded message that tells them to leave a voicemail after the beep.

3) RECORD: After they leave their personal voice message they hang up, and the phone is now ready for the next guest.

When the event is over, all the voice messages from the event are downloaded and sent as MP4s to the client within a day or two.

Video MP4's can be shared to any of their favorite social media channels.

Prior to the event, clients can send us a photo to use as the background of the MP4s. The waveform animation color can also be customized.